Adjustments with diversified, drop and activator techniques:


These techniques are the most common and widely used. Our chiropractors discuss with you the different treatment methods and what will be most effective to treat your conditions. To correct alignment issues, the chiropractor will likely utilize their hands, the special drop table, and potentially an appliance called an activator.
An activator is a small hand-held appliance that can deliver quicker and lighter thrusts than can be accomplished by hand. It is sometimes a preferred method of treatment for particular conditions, or for patients who prefer not to have manual manipulation.

NeuroCranial Integration


Can gentle be powerful?

If we are structurally sound, we function better. When we function better, we feel better. NeuroCranial Integration is a specific and gentle chiropractic technique that helps the body structure align from the inside out and from the top down. The skull bones, spinal bones, brain and nervous system re-align and relax. Fixations in muscle and connective tissue (called fascia) are released. Proper cerebrospinal fluid flow throughout the spine and entire body is re-established.

NCI works by being able to access the dura mater. This is a very tough membrane wrapped around the brain and spinal cord that is also attached to the spinal nerves and the protective sleeves around the peripheral nerves that go to every cell of the body. NCI relieves tension throughout the body by releasing tension in the dura. This allows the left and right brain hemispheres to re-balance and reintegrate in a profound way, automatically improving the functioning of the central nervous system. As tension is released from the dura, the bones of the head, spinal bones, hips, and sacrum begin to realign themselves without the need for direct manipulation. That’s powerful!

What is it like?

This is the right treatment for you if you do not like the forceful quick movements of traditional adjustments. NCI can also be performed on anyone of any age or condition without risk (with rare exceptions), including osteoporosis, brain injury, previous surgeries and cancer (in fact, NCi helps some patients to better tolerate chemotherapy). Dr. Jones has treated newborns to 90 year olds with NCI. Pregnant women love NCI because it is a comfortable treatment that helps them adapt to their changing bodies as well as any usual aches, pains, or headaches. Sports enthusiasts love it because it improves balance, strength, and agility. Sensory awareness is improved with NCI and sciatica can be relieved without ever touching the low back. Whether you have acute or chronic pain, NCI could be the help you are looking for.

Full spine and extremity adjusting


At Rising Wellness, we address proper alignment of the spine, as well as making adjustments to other joints (ankle, TMJ, hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist, etc.). Manipulation of the extremities can address posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain and/or loss of motion in the joint, issues with gait, and many other issues.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)


EMS uses small electrical impulses to either break down muscle spasms or to strengthen the muscle, depending on the desired effect. Small pads are adhered to the skin, and electrodes in the pads deliver small impulses that mimic the central nervous system and cause the muscle to contract. It can be part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for certain injuries.



Microcurrent therapy uses a device to send weak electrical signals to the body to generally aid in speeding healing and recovery. In some cases, it can be used as a treatment for pain associated with injury.

Kinesio Taping


Kinesio taping is used to support and stabilize muscles and joints without restricting range of motion. The tape can be worn for several days to facilitate the healing process, and can be used on all ages to treat a number of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other conditions. The use of kinesio taping can also decrease inflammation in the affected areas.

Axial Traction


To stretch and elongate the body, axial traction uses gentle pulling force that can be done manually or mechanically. It is used to treat the neck or lower back regions. Axial traction is effective in helping to decrease pressure on spinal nerves and discs, can help with tingling and numbness, and can decrease pain and stiffness in the spinal joints. For herniated or slipped discs, sciatica, pinched nerves, bone spurs, and other conditions, axial traction often offers relief.

On-Site Digital X-ray


At Rising Wellness, we utilize digital radiography equipment when needed to get an immediate image of your skeletal system to determine what is causing your pain. This technology speeds our ability to properly diagnose and treat your ailment, and get you started on your recovery sooner.

Custom Orthotics

Foot icon blk 100px

For 70 years, Foot Levelers has been making custom orthotics that are clinically proven to help reduce pain and improve whole body wellness by balancing the body from the ground up. Your feet are your foundation. And structural imbalances in your feet can lead to issues throughout the body like plastic deformationoverpronationplantar fasciitislow back painknee painhip painsciatica, or achilles tendinitis.

Your feet don’t even have to be hurting to cause some of these issues. Foot Levelers custom orthoticsShoethotics® and Sandalthotics® can help by properly supporting and positioning the feet.

A foot scan or impression shows how imbalances in the feet lead to problems throughout your body. The orthotics are then made off your foot scan or impression.

Only Foot Levelers custom orthotics support all 3 arches of the foot. Your arches give the foot strength to support the body in a balanced fashion. Balancing your foundation can help relieve pain and avoid future issues. Ask us about getting scanned or download Foot Levelers Patient Catalog for more information.

The Foot/Spine Connection

All parts of your body are linked together. And your feet are the foundation!

Optimal foot vs Over pronated foot and knee pain

Even though all your body parts are connected and affect one another, your feet are what Foot Levelers calls, the “foundation”. Your entire body is supported and balanced by your feet. Therefore, if your feet are pronated (as 99% of all people’s feet are), your body will suffer – starting with either the knee, hip, or back.

When something goes wrong with one of our parts and we experience pain, traditional medical doctors attempt to treat patients using prescriptions or surgery. This, in our opinion, is a very narrow view of solutions and care.

We are mindful of the whole body – specifically the musculoskeletal system. As we meet with our patients, we observe data through 3D scans and x-rays – pinpointing the root cause of the problem in order to apply appropriate treatment that typically begins with Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics. Why? Because our feet are the “foundation” of the body and Foot Levelers has an excellent reputation for making the best custom orthotics on the planet.

Since 99% of all people have foot pronation (often causing imbalances and stresses in the knees, which in turn puts stress on the hip, back, and even our neck), custom orthotics are a vital solution to whole body health. This is the bio kinetic chain in action. When our feet are stabilized and in balance, the rest of the kinetic chain will function as it should – pain free! But when our feet are pronated and de-stabilized, the rest of the kinetic chain will be negatively impacted – typically resulting in pain and loss of function.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care focuses on alignment of the spine and proper positioning of your joints to ensure that you maximize comfortable movement and flexibility. Using gentle and effective pressure with the chiropractor’s hands, or a small instrument, we strive to normalize the movement of your body’s frame.

This treatment is often referred to as “adjustments” or “manipulation.” The nerves that run through your spine contribute to your overall muscular and nervous system health, and proper alignment allows you to function at your peak. Your body is designed to have a healthy curve of the spine, joints that move freely, and nerves that are not impinged, all of which allows you to be active and move without pain.

How do I know if I need Chiropractic Care?

Often, when people are uncomfortable in their bodies, they say things like, “my back is out,” or, “I’ve got a crick in my neck,” or “my ankle is making a popping noise.” Phrases and feelings like this are indicative of needing a corrective adjustment.

Sometimes, there is an obvious trauma, like a car accident, that necessitates care. However, even the stress of daily living (stepping off a curb wrong, falling, colliding with another player at basketball practice, etc.) can easily cause your spine or joints to go out of alignment.

What’s something I probably don’t know about Chiropractic Care

A great chiropractor can help with all sorts of ailments you may not associate with your chiropractor. Did you know your chiropractor can help with TMJ? Knee and ankle joints? Mobility? Headaches? Balance? Breast-feeding? Bedwetting? Increased comfort after childbirth for both mom and baby?

Regular chiropractic care increases your comfort and quality of life.